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One-on-one private mentoring to help you to break the cycle of abuse in your life and start living a life of true love and joy. Private mentoring means that you can get the help you need, in the areas you need it most.

Whether you’re struggling to improve your self-esteem, detach from the narcissist or, heal your inner-trauma enough to plan your escape… private mentoring means that you’ve got a ton of support AND customized resources that can help you achieve your goals.

It’s all about energy & vibration…

We all have trauma- whether we know it consciously or not. We all have deep, subconscious beliefs that are running the show of our life, without our conscious permission. These are the “men behind the curtain”. The ones controlling every choice we make, and every thought we think. And, all the while, we think we’re making conscious, rational decisions. (well, surprise, surprise!)

Our beliefs & inner-wounds dictate our reality. What you see in your life right now is a result of those unhealed wounds, and unconscious beliefs. In order to change your reality, you  MUST change those beliefs, and heal those wounds. Until then, NOTHING else will make any difference.

It’s a lot like the thermostat in your home. If you set it to 76 degrees, you can change the temperature a little, by opening a window, or turning on the stove but, eventually, the temp will re-regulate right back to 76 degrees. Your subconscious beliefs work the same way.

Once set, your life will always settle back to the “temperature” of your beliefs.

Furthermore, all those beliefs vibrate at a certain frequency. And, you can only experience, in your reality, that which vibrates at a similar frequency as you. Unconscious beliefs such as, “I’m not worthy of true love” or, “I’m not pretty enough to attract a good man” or, “Everyone I love, hurts me”, draw those exact experiences into your reality, to prove to you that your beliefs are true.

If the Universe didn’t operate in this way, people would be walking around thinking they were crazy 24/7. That is both the blessing, and the curse, of our thoughts & beliefs. Depending, of course, on whether you have empowering or, dis-empowering beliefs.  

In our private, one-on-one sessions, we will dive deep into uncovering the specific blocks, subconscious beliefs, and inner-wounds that you have keeping you a vibrational match to narcissists. We will heal those inner-wounds, and change those subconscious beliefs, using several different modalities of healing and subconscious re-scripting. 

The result? Your self-esteem will grow to amazing new heights. Opportunities for financial independence will appear at just the right time. And, the narcissist? He will start to fade away into nothingness- almost like magic. Such is the absolute power of your beliefs. 

By adopting new, healthy beliefs, you raise your vibration. At a higher frequency, narcissists can no longer survive in your reality. This is quantum law. You can’t get around it.

If you’d like more info. about private mentoring, or session rates, fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you, usually, within 24 hours. 

Trauma doesn’t have to be a life sentence…neither do narcissists.

**Note: Due to being in the direct path of Hurricane Irma, It may take me a bit longer than usual to respond to messages- though as of now, I have been able to check email and respond to messages daily. Much love. 


~The Narcissist’s Wife

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