Narcissists will FIND a Way to Discard

Narcissistic Abuse
Once I realized my husband had #Narcissistic Personality Disorder, deciding how & when (or sometimes even IF) I should leave the marriage, became one big, long mind-f*ck. Little did I know that, even if I made the decision to leave him, that I would still be subjected to the final stage of the #narcissistic abuse cycle. Narcissists will ALWAYS find a way to discard you. Their ego can't handle not being the one to "end it". Truthfully, I guess I'm pretty glad I didn't know this, at the time. It would have just made things even more confused...and that was not a good thing. I mean, I had vowed to that man, before God, that I would love, honor & cherish him- in sickness & in health, through good times & bad-…
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