The Mission

What is #SilentNoMore? 

It’s a motivational speech… in hashtag. A campaign in twelve letters. Hell, maybe even a future wristband slogan. It’s an answer that falls miles short of satisfying its question. A sober reminder of what silence costs us. All of us.

It’s a call to arms- a plea for peace. A promise to our sisters across the world- the ones who suffer still, in silence. It’s a promise to tell our stories… their stories. To stop keeping our secrets. And, to start paying attention.

It’s a promise to take a stand for them (and ourselves). Even if we have to shout ourselves hoarse to get society to listen… instead of standing idly by as the general public satisfies themselves on the usual fare of victim-shaming, denial, and judgement.

When it comes to domestic abuse, ignorance isn’t bliss. It’s lethal. The cycle just keeps repeating itself. Generation after generation. And, it will never stop because, abuse thrives in silence & secrecy.

We have to start making some noise. For our own sake, for our sisters around the world, and for the future generations… we can no longer afford to stay quiet.

We Must be determined to stay SilentNoMore
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