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Funny. Heartbreaking. And everything in between

Here you’ll find my latest posts, hot off the press. Be aware that in a good number of my posts, I describe acts of narcissistic abuse (and the resulting¬†effects) in explicit detail. So, there’s your trigger warning.

Some posts are funny. Some are gut-wrenching. In some posts, I get all spiritual. In others, I wax poetic. I pretty much swear in all of my posts. And, I consider all posts to be educational.

With that said, I hope you enjoy reading. And, I hope something I’ve written, among these virtual pages, helps you break the cycle of abuse in your life.

You deserve to be free.

~The Narcissist’s Wife

Most Recent Posts


Narcissism 101

You might think that narcissists are really vain, or arrogant people but, that very common misconception is costing our society more than you know.

Narcissistic Abuse Tactics

A list of articles about narcissistic abuse. Learn the signs, symptoms & red flags before it's too late. Know how to cope if you're with a narcissist.

Breaking the cycle of abuse

Advice on limiting abuse, effectively handling the narcissist's tactics and, basically, how to NOT lose your mind.

The Diary of the Narcissist's Wife

Actual entries, from my journal, to bring you comfort, relief, support, or encouragement. I hope these pages serve as a reminder that you are NOT crazy. And, you are NOT alone.

Healing trauma after narcissistic abuse

Trauma does NOT have to be a life sentence. You CAN heal. You CAN rid your life of narcissists AND abuse... For good!

Resource Library

A growing list of healing resources. Some are fun. Some dive deep. Some are free.All of them will help you heal and, leave behind narcissistic abuse FOREVER.

Help educate others. What they don't know could destroy them.

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