Narcissistic Abuse Survival Kit

You are a beautiful, valuable human being.

You are worthy of all the love and respect this life has to offer. That is the non-negotiable truth.

On this page, I’ve put links to a few resources to help get you started on the path to radical self-love, healing and empowerment. I hope you take advantage of the gifts, and use them to your best benefit. 

I encourage you to use these resources, enjoy them, and keep checking back… as I’ll keep adding more as I create them.

To your peace and freedom,

~The Narcissist’s Wife



FREE Resources


A way to document incidents of abuse in a super-organized way. 

Boundaries Worksheet

A worksheet that will help you create, set, and enforce your own boundaries with the narcissist in your life.

The Anti-Narcissist Playlist:

A fun playlist of empowering songs to listen to when you’re feeling down in the dumps…or when you just need a good dose of some ‘kick ass’ energy.

Anti-Narcissist Affirmations:

Daily affirmations to help you shift out of victim mentality, and into a more empowered state of mind.

Morning Ritual Template:

My personal morning ritual schedule, along with a blank template and a list of morning ritual activities. A whole kit to help you create a positive and empowering start to your day. (opt-in required)

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