Healing From Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissistic Abuse is a profoundly painful, life-altering experience. One that regularly leaves its victims shattered, and intensely traumatized. After a narcissistic abuse experience, the thought of ever feeling normal again- forget feeling happy or whole- seems almost impossible. Especially, if you’re experiencing the excruciating and debilitating symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, like I did. 
Like most victims do. 
Well, today, I’m here to give you some good news. 
“You can heal from this horrifying experience; 
totally, permanently, and in less time than you might think.”
When I first separated from my Narcissistic husband, I though it would take me a lifetime to recover from the shock, and to heal the unbelievable pain I felt. It was hard for me to imagine ever being able to live a normal life (or, be a normal person) again. I felt broken. Hopeless. 
And, worst of all, even though I had left the narcissist, I was still being harassed and abused by him. The situation felt hopeless. And, I felt absolutely powerless. It was possibly the darkest time in my life. 
Made infinitely worse by the fact that (a), I was isolated from any friends, or family, that could’ve been there for support and (b), the few people I had regular contact with were… let’s just say, ‘the opposite of supportive’. Those people either acted as though I’d brought this on myself. Or, as though I should just get over it already. 

I couldn’t see how my life, or my self, could ever be put back together again.

No matter what I did…
No matter how hard I tried…
No matter how many times I confronted the narcissist, called him out, or tried to make him see…
Nothing made a bit of difference. And, my health (both physical and emotional) was in a dangerous, downward spiral. I weighed a sickly 90lbs, and I’d aged considerably. I rarely left my home. Not to mention, I’d suffer severe panic attacks, pain in my joints, and exhaustion, if I was out of bed for more than 30 minutes, or so. 
All research concluded that my only hope of moving forward in life was to go No Contact with the narcissist, which I couldn’t do because we had children. The ongoing symptoms of trauma were something I’d just have to learn to “manage”. Most likely, with medications. 

I wanted to give up. 

I’d given up on the prospect of ever living a normal life again. Along with the prospect of ever being in a relationship again. I wanted to give up on this whole “healing my trauma” nonsense. No one would have blamed me. All the well-known research said that I was on the trauma track for life. I had every excuse I needed, and more, to just throw in the towel. 
When looking to heal trauma, there isn’t much out there to help get the job done. It seems modern medicine hasn’t really caught up with the ancient world of spirit, when it comes to this. The challenge to find a way to heal my trauma, seemed overwhelmingly impossible. Thankfully, even when traumatized, giving up isn’t an option for me. 

Then, I learned that trauma doesn’t have to be a life sentence. 

The articles on this page will help you understand what trauma is, exactly, and how some people become traumatized but, others don’t. You can also learn how to heal your trauma, and move forward into a new hopeful, and fully healed, life. 
I hope these pages help you in some way. I know what it’s like to feel helpless, and hopeless. But, I am living proof that you CAN heal. You can end a painful chapter of your life having grown braver, and stronger, and more loving than ever. 
You’ll begin the next chapter of your life knowing that it is gonna be seriously epic. 
I’m now trauma-free & narcissist-free… and the future has never looked brighter. 
Come on in, and wander around. You’ll love the view from here. 

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