Narcissism 101

Society is in dire need of some Narcissism 101 education. Because, when most people think of a narcissist, they think of the diva who is obsessed with taking selfies. Or, they recall the arrogant jackass who thinks he’s God’s gift.

To most of our society, these descriptions encompass the entirety of what we think of as #narcissism. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

Our society’s general misconception about Narcissism couldn’t be more dangerous.
Lack of knowledge on this disorder and, therefore, the ways in which those with it wreak havoc in all areas of our lives, is unbelievable. Our courtrooms are chock-full of narc-dads, fighting good mothers for custody of the kids (and WINNING!!!), just to punish her.
Tragically, the children are the innocent ones who suffer from the judicial system’s lack of education.Sometimes, they even become casualties of the narcissist’s petty revenge-war. 
Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is a serious epidemic…
…silently destroying our families, infecting our communities, and infiltrating positions of power & authority- defiantly flipping the bird at every decent ideal our society was built on.
But, don’t worry too much. Most experts agree that narcissists make up only about 1% of the population.
Given such a minuscule percentage, I suppose it’s easy to understand the general lack of interest in the subject.
But, what if I told you that estimate was, most likely, WAY OFF?
What if I told you that there are A LOT more narcissists running amok than you might think?
After all, once you take into account that VERY few narcissists ever enter into treatment, and only a small percentage of those actually get diagnosed, you can see how that 1% estimate is (quite possibly) a gross UNDER-estimation. 
Here’s why. Take into account three critical factors:
  1. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is most often passed down from one generation to the next- usually from father to son. Presumably, then, the numbers are increasing exponentially with each subsequent generation.
  2. If the number of survivors being treated for Narcissistic Abuse Victim Syndrome, at any given time, is taken into account, then an estimate of 1% becomes rather ludicrous. The sheer volume of survivors suggests that a more accurate number would be closer to around 16%! (That’s no small number!)
  3. Today’s mental health professionals have an overwhelming inability to correctly identify & diagnose NPD. (Side Note: Even if they did correctly make the diagnosis, the narcissist would inevitably cease treatment, or the psychiatrist/therapist/etc. would most likely refuse to treat the narcissist. Even the professionals are at a loss with how to handle narcs without going bat-shit-crazy.) 
All of a sudden, we see that this is not an insignificant issue.
As long as our society remains ignorant about these disturbed personalities, the damage done will continue to pile up, and the body count will only continue to rise.
Since I discovered that my husband was a narcissist, I have dedicated enormous amounts of time to learning everything I could about this insidious disorder. I’ve spent years studying how to heal from the trauma that these disordered individuals cause their victims.
The articles on this page are the result of my research and personal experience. I hope that they serve to give you some general knowledge about NPD and the havoc narcissists can wreak in the lives of their victims- and on society as a whole.
Narcissists are so incredibly dangerous because most people don’t know they exist.
The right knowledge can be your best weapon against a narcissist. So, get educated & help to educate others. 
By spreading awareness and educating the general public about narcissism, and the devastating effects of narcissistic abuse on its victims, maybe we can help to prevent some of the countless cases of trauma, and death, that this dark disorder causes every year.
Let us be #SilentNoMore,
~The Narcissist’s Wife

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