Narcissistic Abuse Tactics

Get to know the most common narcissistic abuse tactics, and how narcissists go about employing them. Learn how to spot these tactics, in action, so you can be better equipped to handle them in the safest, most effective, way possible. And, with the least amount of drama.

Please note that any ‘tips’, or suggestions, I make within the context of these articles is not meant to be long-term advice. These are strictly for “in the meantime” use. Nothing I share here will magically transform your life with a narcissist, into a fairy-tale romance. So, the suggestions I make here are mainly for helping you to maintain your sanity, and remain as unaffected by the narcissist’s abuse tactics, until you can remove yourself from the relationship, or find another, more permanent, solution.

In the meantime…

~The Narcissist’s Wife


Narcissistic Abuse Tactics

They Call it “Soul Rape”

The  Cycle of Abuse: Idealize, Devalue, Discard

Narcissist-Speak: The Language of Abuse– A series of posts, illustrating different verbal abuse tactics, in the words of a narcissist. Includes actual conversations between narcissists and their wives, verbatim.

Abuse Tactic #142: Smear Campaigns

Abuse Tactic #63: Insincerity- A Mind Control Tactic that Seems Harmless

Abuse Tactic #49: Objectification- What’s In A Name? (A Way to Subtly Devalue You)

Abuse Tactic #648: Love-Bombing- a.k.a. The most devastating tactic in the narcissist’s arsenal

Abuse Tactic #911: The Silent Treatment- When silence is violent.

Abuse Tactic #333: Triangulation- Calling all flying monkeys!

Abuse Tactic #1: Fantastical Delusions/Shared Psychosis

Abuse Tactic #76: Gaslighting- A series of articles on gaslighting; what it is, how to identify it, and how to survive it. 


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