They Call It ‘Soul Rape’

is truly a form of soul defilement” , writes Christine Louis de Canonville, in her book, The Three Faces of Evil: Unmasking the Full Spectrum of Narcissistic Abuse. If you’ve ever been the victim of narcissistic abuse, then that statement will resonate deeply with you. Why? Because it is absolutely, positively, and 100% without the slightest exaggeration, TRUE.

“When a victim is enmeshed with a narcissist, especially if this began in childhood, the individual learns to give their attention, affection or emotional support to their abuser above all else; in time  they begin to lose [their] sense of self.  It appears that the victim puts the needs of the narcissist (and then others) before their own needs.  This is true to a point, but actually, and more importantly, the victim’s first daily need is to remain safe in the environment with the narcissist. Becoming a “pleaser” is a way to stay safe, [and] it works by way of “changing the mood” of the abuser, thus avoiding their rages, which usually meant punishment, guilt, shame, and abandonment for the victim.”

Now here, I want to point at two words in that paragraph that had me fucked up for a long, hot minute, and I know it has messed with the heads of a lot of other women, too. The words I want to talk about here are, – “pleaser”, and – “rage”.

“Pleaser” really had me thinking, because I never saw myself as a “pleaser”. I was a ‘strong woman’. I didn’t take any shit from anyone. I was an independent thinker. Confident. And anyway, when my husband would be nasty, I wouldn’t just “take it”. I would yell at him, and tell him he was being an ass, and that he could go to hell because I wasn’t going to be treated like garbage. So there! (Doesn’t really have the ring of “pleaser” to it, does it?) Of course, I still stayed…

The word “rage” also had me stuck because my husband rarely “raged”. I mean, I maybe saw it 2, or 3, times in over 8 years. I think most people probably get mad enough to throw something, or scream, at least once every other year, or so. That’s not anything too far from normal. So… if I wasn’t a “pleaser”, and he didn’t “rage”…. then what the hell? (This is the point where I would go into a panic, wondering if I was maybe, really the narcissist, and couldn’t see it because, well…I was the narcissist!)

And then, one day, I had a run-in with a person, who I had dared to say ‘No’ to…and stick to it… and, as a result, suffered their violent rage. It wasn’t that I had never said ‘No’ before, because I had. It was about being what this person needed me to be, in order to uphold their version of reality. And, like lightning, it hit me. “Pleasing” isn’t about ‘”people pleasing'” behavior that we would normally think of when we hear that word. It’s about doing what the narcissist wants you to do, in order to provide him with the type of supply he needs. And therefore, “rage” isn’t always in reference to an angry, or physically violent, outburst. It’s about the narcissist losing control of their carefully constructed, though pathetically vulnerable, facade and, the feeling of powerlessness they get from it.

So, by being a “pleaser”, you’re “people pleasing”, or being self-effacing, or subservient. This type of “pleasing” is about doing whatever it is the narcissist wants you to do…or better yet, being the person the narcissist wants you to be in order to complete his inner-wounding drama. And, that last sentence is vital to really get, because this is what ultimately causes, what the shamans call ‘soul loss’. Western psychologists call it ‘dissociation’.

When the narcissist gets into a relationship, it’s because he has found someone who he intuitively can sense has deep empathy, compassion, and also, unfortunately, deep wounding that he can exploit. The narcissist’s goal, over time, is for the partner to be molded into the image of the narcissist’s original abuser, in order to continuously act out that drama/script. Of course, this is all highly unconscious. But, nonetheless, there you have it.

I believe that this is why so many victims with Narcissistic Victim Syndrome (yes, this fucked up kind of abuse even has it’s own category now!) report feeling as though they “don’t recognize themselves”, or ” don’t know who they are anymore”, or “don’t feel whole”. Not only is this a common sign that soul loss has occurred, but also a sign that the narcissist’s subconscious plot to morph the victim into the original abuser, has worked….at least partially.

Let me give you an example. If a narcissist’s original abuser was hyper-critical, physically abusive, and controlling, then the narcissist will basically, arrange situations, events, and circumstances that almost force the victim to act in those same ways. He will poke, prod, negate, devalue, ignore, dismiss, disregard, instigate…and relentlessly dig at the victim, until she finally snaps, and gives him what he wants- the violent outburst. And this can be forced out of a woman, who was once a positive, happy-go-lucky sort of person, who rarely got angry before the relationship with a narcissist.

He will act out defiantly, refusing to cooperate on the smallest, most insignificant tasks, so that the victim would be forced into constantly vocalizing her displeasure with the fact that he refused to do anything she asked of him, or wanted from him, or even NEEDED from him. Every request is defiantly met, until she relents and becomes the hyper-critical nag he needs her to be.

Now, you might say that it isn’t possible for the narcissist to “force” a victim to behave a certain way. Her behavior is her decision. True, to a certain extent. But consider what happens if she does NOT play into his games. If she doesn’t get mad, control, criticize, demand, yell, etc., she will be painfully punished. The narcissist will find ways to continuously stress and traumatize the victim, (whether through abandonment, neglect, devaluation, degradation, infidelity, alcoholism, drug use, etc.) until he receives her acquiescence (gets what he wants from her)…until she “pleases” him… until she behaves in whatever way the narcissist needs her to, in order for him to feel as though he is still the victim of his original childhood abuser.

The narcissist feels severely uncomfortable when the victim refuses to go along with the drama, because it threatens his carefully constructed sense of identity (his false self identity). I can tell you, from personal experience, that if I did NOT go along with my husband’s mind games…if I didn’t get mad, yell, cry, call, or whatever… he would simply escalate his cruelty until it he finally did something so bad that I couldn’t pretend to not be hurt by it, or angered by it, anymore.

See, if I didn’t get mad, or react to his abuse, he had to wallow in it. He had to sit there in his wrongness, and be wrong. He couldn’t take the shame. And there wasn’t enough Netflix and Candy Crush in the world to drown out his own self-loathing….so he would get meaner, and meaner, and lie more and more and more…until I couldn’t take it. Hey- everyone has their breaking point, and a narcissist will NOT stop until they find yours. EVER. Because if you don’t react- then THEY are the bad guy, and they can’t justify their own behavior, without a reaction from you. They always use your REACTION to their abuse as though it is the REASON for why they did it in the first place. (I know it’s twisted.)

So, where does the whole concept of ‘soul rape/soul loss’  come in?

The aspect of the soul rape is the forcible robbery of another person’s being-ness, or essence, through the use of inflicting repeated trauma on the victim. In other words, my husband, when feeling a sense of powerlessness, such as when I would not react to his abuses, would then proceed to withhold “love” and all affection (a basic human SURVIVAL NEED- not want), and behave abusively, with increasing severity (causing repeated trauma), until I broke down- at which point he regained his sense of power and domination over me, while at the same time depleting my power, therefore fragmenting my soul.

Common narcissistic tactics, such as gaslighting, the silent treatment, pathological lying, smear campaigning, infidelity, circular conversations, etc. are all methods of raping the soul. These tactics are not common to nearly the same degree or extent in your “garden variety” abuse situations, which explains why many abuse victims heal, while even after completing multiple courses of therapy, Narcissistic Victim Syndrome (NVS) sufferers remain fractured. And, really, how could they be expected to “heal” fully, when part of their soul is still missing?

Shamans practice a method called “soul retrieval”, in order to re-integrate the “split off”, or dissociated, parts of the victims soul. Western practitioners also practice a similar method of reintegration, and if the victim is lucky enough to have a therapist who recognizes the symptoms of NVS, then the process is most often successful, and the victim can finally find peace.

She can once again feel whole.

Be whole,
~The Narcissist’s Wife

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Hi. I’m Story Lynne, (a.k.a. The Narcissist’s Wife). Nice to meet you. I’m the mother of 4 amazing kids, the (soon-to-be-ex) wife of a narcissist, and the author of this blog. I’m also a teacher, a healer, an intuitive empath, and Angel Card Reader.
I love fairies, angels, the color pink, anything sparkly, and Legos. (the Elves are my absolute favorites). I also love fixing cars, building shit, and shooting my bow (as in, bow and arrow).

5 thoughts on “They Call It ‘Soul Rape’

  • Frankie_Sezz

    What you’ve written here, about the narcissist reenacting the drama of his childhood, is exactly what I experienced. His exes experienced the same.
    Important to include that at least for me, I also repeated my childhood drama -through him. Sought out the parental like approval of an abusive, unavailable, and avoidant man.
    I have the ability to look back and acknowledge my weaknesses and failures. Oh course he as a narcissist cannot self-reflect in any useful way. He will always be the tragic hero in his own mind. I used to believe intimate relationships were the only area in which he struggled. I’ve since learned better. He fails at life. Every damn day.

  • Wow! Just wow! It makes so much more sense to me now. I continually suffer from the thought process that I am actually the narcissist. That all these problem are because I can’t compromise with him. (aka ultimately give him his ways) I am the one who would get frustrated and angry. I have often thought I am being so much like his dad doesn’t that make me the narcissist. No one every explained to me that he was ultimately manipulating me to react how he wanted. But that does make sense. He would wear me down… we would discuss and discuss issues and re discuss until I was annoyed. It wasn’t enough for me to give in and let him have his way… I had to buy into it 100%. “Sell my soul to agree with him.” Until I was angry and yelling. And then he would say “you’re the one yelling, I’m being calm.”

    • Fun game: try maintaining your calm- no matter what- and interrupting him anytime he pulls a Tactic on you. Just say, “Excuse me, but what you just said is a lie/rationalizing/blaming/minimizing/etc. and that’s actually considered to be verbal abuse so, I’d appreciate it if you’d stop doing that or, i will leave the room and this conversation will be over.”

      Now, if he’s been known to get physical, or you even suspect he possibly could become violent/physical, then ABSOLUTELY DO NOT do this…. it is guaranteed to infuriate and frustrate even the “calmest” of narcissists.

      It’s also setting boundaries and not allowing yourself to get sucked in. Don’t debate about whether or not what he said is, or is not verbal abuse. Just state your case, and then let him attempt to continue. If he tries to change gears by debating the validity of your verbal abuse claim… just tell him that that isn’t up for debate, and he can either continue his original topic or, the conversation is over.

      Just make sure you’re standing closest to the door, so you can leave if he doesn’t comply, without interference. You’ll definitely be walking out of that convo and he will definitely not be happy about it. So be super calm, and use your good sense.

      If he seems to be getting too riled up, back off.

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