WTF Narcissist Quotes #0100

WTF Narcissist Quotes: Contradictions

On the conscious level, narcissists tend to be extremely unaware of their own bizarre actions and words. The only thing that concerns them is ‘winning’ and being right. Because of this, you’ll often witness them changing their memory of facts/events, their opinions, or their beliefs, based on whatever will make them ‘right’, or help them to ‘win’ an argument. This, of course, leaves normal human beings standing their, just scratching their heads, think ‘“WTF?” 

Though this can be a frustrating and, more often than not, an infuriating experience in the moment… once the dust settles, you might just look back and enjoy a hearty laugh. How is that? The narcissist’s arrogance, combined with a complete lack of self-awareness, means he will often bust out with the most ridiculous shit. The result is often as hilarious after the fact, as it was frustrating in the moment.

Narcissists are practically infamous for being contradictory. They often contradict themselves within the span of a single conversation. The best narcissists can even do it within a single sentence. And, when they do, feel free to look back and, have a good ol’ belly laugh. You’ve earned it.

“Yes… I tell lies. But, that doesn’t make me a liar.”
– A Narcissist

(Seriously? WTF?)

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2 thoughts on “WTF Narcissist Quotes #0100

  • OMG. Loser said “I don’t have a problem lying about generalities. I do, however, try to tell the truth when confronted with specifics.” That’s what he said after it took me four hours to get him to admit his “first?” infidelity. I didn’t know who it was, so I was trapped in the “generalities” web. What dicks these men are!

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